Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to our kitchen

C (the husband) and L (the wife) married at a later stage in life, with L, as a single and C, divorced plus six and some sons-in-law and grandchildren. C does most of the cooking while L does most of the baking. We do trade places once in a while. C is very creative and is very capable of modifying the recipe to his needs. L, as the baker, tends more to measure ingredients and follow recipes, but is getting more bold with experimentation.

Succot 2009 we went to see the movie "Julie/Julia" and were very inspired to start a blog about our Shabbat cooking adventures. Life has a habit of taking its own turns without our control, so to-date, the blog has not gotten off the . Succot 2010, we watched the movie again on video. Each one of us has wanted to get this moving, but it just never happened.

Now, L has a million other things to do, so she'd prefer doing something fun. Another push was that a friend sent one of those recipe exchange emails. It would be a great opportunity to push our blog.

One last note: On ocassion, we are asked for the recipes in Hebrew, so you may see recipes in Hebrew. Typically, the English version will be posted first.

Welcome to our ever-changing world of Cooking for Shabbat!

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